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Henry Filters Receives Honda’s 2020 Indirect Procurement Supplier Award



Henry Filters was founded in a small garage in Bowling Green, Ohio, under the name Henry Manufacturing back in 1952 by the original owner, the late Harold Henry Harms. Only a couple of years had passed when the Company outgrew the garage and had to be moved to a location on Reed Street. As business rapidly grew, a new facility was built in 1971, at the current location on Van Camp Road. Even after the initial construction finished, there proved not to be enough room for the rapidly growing Company. So over the years, many office renovations were completed, as well as the addition of new supplemental fabrication and storage facilities.

Throughout the years, many innovative products have been developed, as well as several issued patents for industrial coolant filtration equipment products that are being used all over the world. Henry Filters has become more effective and efficient in terms of the design of the product. Before drawings were all drafted all by hand, today we use 3D software to show customers a real-life representation.

In December 2013, the Company was purchased by Barnes International, Inc., of Rockford, Illinois. This purchase added Henry Filters and H.R. Black to the other family of filtration companies owned by Barnes International. Henry Filters main focus, and what the Company prides itself on every day is providing its customers with superior customer service and “Always Doing What is Right”.

Henry maintains a full staff for Sales, Engineering, Parts, Service, and Manufacturing.

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TRVD with Seal Track

Automatic vacuum filter for use with permanent filter belt or disposable media.

Troughing Systems

Troughing systems engineered to transport all fluids machine chips and grinding swarf from the machines to either a pump back sump system or filtration unit.

Sludge Briquetter

Briquetter (or compactor) designed to receive wet grinding sludge or compressible material for de-liquefying and recovers oil or coolant and sludge material for disposal or recycling.