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Application of Central Coolant Filtration Systems

by | May 20, 2019 | Central Coolant Filtration Systems

Most metalworking plants use some type of coolant for machining, grinding, polishing and other production operations. These fluids perform many valuable functions, including heat removal, lubrication and removal of chips and swarf produced during processing.

The Usage of CFS in Manufacturing

In manufacturing, it’s vital to keep your central coolant filtration systems free of solids and tramp oil. After all, clean coolant provides longer tool life, better part finishes, higher production rates, lower coolant costs and increased worker productivity.

We offer a vast array of products for coolant filtration, recovery and purification. Our systems improve part quality, reduce maintenance, produce less waste and safeguard worker health. We will work with you to deliver the best quality coolant at an economical cost. This filtration system is used for various industries including automotive, bearings, steel, electronics and machine tools.

Features Of Coolant Filtration System: efficient, fast and accurate delivery of coolant to point use, reduced coolant consumption, reduced coolant costs, low manual handling risks associated with manual mixing and coolant transfer, one CMS-300 can supply an entire workshop, perfect mix every time -tight emulsion and accurate concentration, 4 user-definable concentration presets, no mixed coolant stored, delivers mixed coolant at 90 liters per minute, allows automated coolant distribution through pipe work system, conforms with water authority regulations.

Technical Features of Coolant Filtration System

CFS liter stainless steel water tank, 4 Concentrations per-sets, low soluble oil/low water shut-off, dispensing rate of 90 liters per minute, standard concentration range of 1 to 9% also available for concentrations of 10 to 20% to allow automatic top up when coolant level is low, optional sump control units available.

Providing you the best range of central coolant filtration systems such as Centralized Filtration Systems, Coolant Filtration Systems, Roll Coolant Systems and Cast Iron Machining Filtration Systems with effective & timely delivery.  Aluminum is vastly used in automobile components. Various operations like drilling tapping on such components generate large quantum of chips. Individual filtration system are prone to breakdowns and do not give required filtration levels resulting in low coolant life.

In central coolant filtration systems, dirty fluid along with chips is collected in the dirty tank. This tank has a continuously moving scarper conveyor which removes the chips that settle down. A rotating mesh drum is placed inside this tank. The fluid passes through the mesh drum while the chips are separated on the outside. The filtered fluid drops into a clean tank. Clean fluid pump supply pressurized fluid to the machines. Sizing of the tanks, mesh drum and pumps is done based on your total flow requirement. In addition fine filter housing can be provided for through spindle coolant. Large dirty tank gives sufficient time for the chips to settle. It also improves heat dissipation. Single point chip collection.  Independently rotating mesh drum with inward and outward flushing nozzle. Multiple drums for larger systems. Drums can be isolated individually.