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Machine Tool Coolant Filtration System Efficiency in Heat Transfer

by | Jul 21, 2019 | Machine Tool Coolant Filtration

Machine tool coolant filtration not only provide efficient heat transfer but also remove chips from work surfaces and prevent the tools from re-cutting or welding on to materials or chips.  Filtration of machine coolant can reduce wear by removing chips from coolant, provide efficient heat transfer, reduce the risk of tooling fracture and increase tool life.

There are many benefits of filtering machine tool coolant filtration.  Filtering machine coolant can extend the life of your machine coolant, reduce the growth of bacteria, and prevent damage to tools by filtering out particles in the coolant.  There are several benefits of Machine Coolant Filtering listed below.

Longer Machine Life

A machine that can go ten years without a problem in a clean shop, may need a major rebuild in as few as five years in a dirty shop. Precision machines are priced from a few thousand dollars to many millions.  The life of the machine as well as the life between rebuilds, is an important economic consideration.

An inescapable fact is that all machines are sensitive to wear.  All the materials in any machine are susceptible to wear from diamond, and carbide dust as well as other particles.  No machine can entirely eliminate exposure to particles if the particles are small enough.

Machining and grinding produce a large number of very small particles.  Chips and dust from carbide, ceramics, or cobalt/chrome alloys is different, but equally bad.  Tests show that most of these particles are under ten microns in size.  Ten-micron particles easily get under seals and work their way into bearings, slides, ball screws, bushings, ways, and hydraulic cylinders.

Easier Maintenance

Dirty machine coolant can cut the life of a machine in half. A machine can go ten years without a problem in a clean shop.  The same machine in a dirty shop can need a major rebuild in as few as five years.  Machine coolants need to be filtered for the same reason that oil in a car engine needs to be filtered.  The oils or machine coolant trap small, abrasive particles.  Unless these particles are removed, they abrade away critical surfaces.

A large number of these particles are produced in the original operation.  If the machine tool coolant filtration is not filtered, then the dirty machine coolant carries these particles back up into the work area.  As the machine coolant gets between the work piece, and the work, these particles are ground and reground.  They get finer and finer.  The finer they get the easier it is for them to get into critical spaces, and destroy machine tolerances.

Machining creates big chips.  Everyone has some sort of program to handle big chips.  Even the worst shops shovel them out of the way when they start to bury the machine.   Unfortunately, many people think that all you need to do is to remove the big chips.